Taurus january daily horoscope

A surge of creativity could prompt you to make headway with a project begun a couple of years ago.


Are you the Boss? Or are you working for someone born under this sign of the Bull? It takes Uranus approximately 84 years to travel through all twelve signs. Taurus already had a reputation for being reliable and yes, at times inflexible. Add a touch of Uranus and entrepreneurial doing things MY way and new desires are set to surface.

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You can gets a heads-up on all this by reading Taurus weekly horoscope. These horoscopes are updated every Sunday. At critical times you might also approach more regular notes.

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You can find these via Taurus Daily horoscopes. In the mood for Love? Let yourself get extra rest—there's been a lot of psychic restructuring taking place in your mind. Get cozy and comfortable at home with the moon in Taurus! Saturn ends its retrograde today, creating a heavy atmosphere in your social life.

Taurus January 2017 Horoscope

You've outgrown some friend groups, but you're also eager to get to work for a cause you're passionate about. The moon is in Taurus, bringing news your way. Your career and finances are on your mind today as Saturn ends its retrograde and the moon moves through Taurus, finding you stepping into a powerful place of leadership.

Your hard work is paying off!

Daily Horoscope

The planet of time and hard work, Saturn, ends its retrograde, and you're wondering how you can branch out in the world. You're thinking about travel or even school, eager for new experiences. The moon is in your sign, Taurus, and it's a powerful day to make the demands you want to make!

Taskmaster Saturn ends its retrograde, and your debts are weighing heavily on you—now is a great time to rethink your approach to your situation.

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On an emotional level, you're learning to face your fears. The moon is in slow-moving Taurus, so catch up on rest! The planet of commitment and boundaries, Saturn, ends its retrograde today, moving you forward in your relationships—what do you want commitment to look like? The moon is in Taurus, inspiring you to connect with friends and share ideas about the future.

The planet of responsibility, Saturn, ends its retrograde today, and you're ready to move forward with restructuring that's taken place at work or in your schedule. The moon is in creative earth sign Taurus, inspiring you to focus on your career, reputation, and legacy.

What's in the stars for you in September?

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