Saturn mars conjunction in cancer vedic astrology

Both of these two in Sagittarius, may well be that a lot can get done and focus continues to be steady and strong. We have to surrender where Saturn is. Saturn and Mars are the enemies or rather inimical in their natures. When has Mars been ever good at backing out? Jataka Bharnam states the effects when Mars be in conjunction with Saturn : If there occurs Mars with Saturn the native is maker of arms and weapons, fights battles, is engaged promptly in the work of stealing, tells lies and is devoid of happiness.

In the body of the native himself there always remains the possibility of injury, disease or operation in that organ of the body which is related to that house in which the conjunction takes place.

Coming together of these two heavy weights is very much driven by desire and an extreme challenge to fulfill it. No doubt, rage, anger, fiesty temper are all Mars domain, as is commonly perceived. And perhaps a negative approach to Mars, no doubt. Its nature is malefic and so is that of Saturn. Saturn being slow moving planet, takes its time. Saturn can wait as long as it takes and waiting is an anathema to the nature of Mars. So one can see struggle…Themes that get constellated are that of extreme emotion, violence and frustration, accidents and upsets, alienations, being the outcast, dreadful fear especially if Rahu gets involved.

If you have Ascendant in these signs, huge changes in life are on cards.

Scorpio Ascendants have had their share of chaos and upheaval past couple of years. And so will Sagittarius Moons and Ascendant, be hugely affected, Sagittarius rising should take care of their health, as often this conjunction affects your health and mental wellbeing. The saving grace for Aquarius Ascendants may be that this conjunction is in the 3rd house, where by and large malefics will rejoice.

And Jupiter will bring its beneficence on it by aspecting it. So, definitely slight improvement. There is no doubt relationships will be a huge issue and so be warned! Anyways, for Gemini, relationships is fraught with problems as they are always in two minds about it.

Few people who have laboured with the Saturn-Mars Conjunction. Truly, a Mars-Saturn reserves of steel, in the 3rd House of parikrama. Originator of many of the ideas and terms which have a century later been assembled within the New Age Movement. The Theosophical Society, which she co-founded, has been the major advocate of occult philosophy in the West.

In September , a powerful impact was made upon the reading and thinking public by the publication of H. It sold the one thousand copies of the first printing within ten days. At shadbala of mars if it is 5. You mentioned for Scorpio ascendant that Mars in 1st, 3rd and 6th give good results but what about the 9 th where it gets debilitated. For debilitated shani some suggest wearing iron ring? Some people also suggest women should not wear iron ring. Namaste VS, Please kindly help me with reading if Mars is placed in 5 th house with ketu for vigro ascendent and vargotta Mars , may I know how will be the general life or married life perfection s.

It all depends on the functional nature and bhaav placement as well as aspects on this Mars. How would this placement play out if mars is highly malefic virgo ascendant and closely conjuct ketu ketu in MB , placed in 6th house? By virtue of being placed in 6th house VRY , would it be any less severe? No aspects of any benefic planets. And saturn not expecting either. Also will be prone to accidents and some can be severe depending on degrees and other yogas.

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Thank you Sir. Sir, please write an article on planetary wars. There seems to be conflicting information on which planets are involved and who wins and loses. Would love to know your view on it. Thank you so much for your articles. Learning a lot. Many astrologers have predicted that my marriage will be challenging. Please throw some light into this.

When can Tula lagna native wear Mars gem? Hi sir.. Your email address will not be published. The Art of Vedic Astrology. Skip to content. Not About Belief! If You are looking for a Reading.. Tropical Generic Predictions Case Studies. Lesson of Mars is caution and patience if the lesson of Saturn is Perseverance. However the aspects on it and the strength of rasi and nakshatra depositor is vital to note 5 If BAV score of mars is 4 or more in a horoscope, mars will give good results 6 Mars is functionally the worst planet for Gemini and Virgo ascendants and causes trouble for these ascendants 7 For Scorpio ascendants, even though the lagna lord, it is functionally meddlesome at best as its main sign falls in the dusthana 6th house.

However in this case if it is placed in the 1st, 3rd or 6th bhaav, it will give great overall results 8 A strong mars in the 3rd bhaav gives strength, courage and dynamism to the individual. Such people will be very passionate about the affairs related to the bhav where this conjunction takes place 16 Mars with Moon makes for a determined person who can also be very emotional.

Such people are proud, extrovert and straightforward in their actions and can have good leadership abilities if the planets have good dignities 17 Mars with Mercury gives energy and impulse to speech and communication as well as logical thinking abilities of a person. Typically not good for the health and longevity of the mother as well unless mitigated by other factors 19 Mars is a Karaka for landed properties and real estate.

At this age, Mars will show its full promise in the horoscope — good or bad and this will be amplified if the Vimshottari MD of Mars is operating at this time 23 Mars MD of 7 yrs can be a very fruitful time if a person disciplines their energy properly towards their goals. August 28, at am. Does the Panch Mahaprush Yoga get cancelled or it still active.


Mars In Different Houses

VS says:. August 31, at am. Hi Anmol Even though I dont respond to personal chart queries, I will attempt to answer the generic part of your query- Yogas and DurYogas negative combinations co-exist. Anmol says:. September 1, at pm. Thanks VS for your reply. Do you consider this Mars weak Or you also look at varga charts and shadbala or sthana bala to judge strength of planet. September 2, at am. Prasad says:. October 6, at am. Mr Vivek, Your views are well researched.

Good and bad planets for Cancer ascendant /Karkataka lagna

Makes for a nice reading. Please consider the following cases: 1. Does it also cause Angkarak dosha 3. Is point 3 still true or false 5. How does Mars perform in 9th house and in fire sign of Leo Many thanks. October 7, at pm. As I have said before, the functional nature of planets is more vital than generic nature find out the functional nature of each planet in the horoscope.

January 28, at am. Srishti says:. October 21, at am.

Mars Saturn Conjunction Vedic Astrology

Vidya says:. October 23, at am. February 23, at pm. February 24, at pm. No single answer to that depends on the overall chart and many other factors to check debilitation cancellation as well as other aspects, yogas, divisionals but is it possible? Sundar says:.

February 27, at pm. Thank you. February 28, at pm. Results amplified in the virgottam case. Lots of questions from me in one shot on this topic.