Quincunx astrology symbol

This is a powerful influence, particularly because the planets will be located in the same modality, i. Thus, there are a lot of similar characteristics being conveyed, yet there is still the square and opposition influence that introduces numerous conflicts. Grand Crosses are fairly rare and generally denote a person who has numerous challenges and contradictions to deal with in their life. The strength and degree of opposition will naturally also depend on which planets and houses are involved. Business consultant, Steven Gaffney, has described the challenges of this aspect perfectly when he said, "Most people will say that in retrospect their most difficult and challenging experiences were some of their most valuable ones.

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In fact, most people say that hard times generally produce much growth because responding to such times demands ingenuity. We all know that even when we are not responsible for our challenging circumstances, we are percent responsible for our response to the challenge. A fairly common pattern is a simple Sextile Pattern , right a small green triangle that combines two sextiles with a trine, tying three planets together in a fairly tight aspect with generally good implications, though these folks sometimes seem inclined to fall into a rut.

Sextile people usually have inborn abilities in the Houses affected by the pattern and are willing to work at developing these talents and skills. If you look carefully at the T-Square and Grand Cross example, you'll see that they, also, have sextile patterns. Another pattern that comes up occasionally is known as the Mystic Rectangle left. This pattern, as it name implies, creates a rectangle with a set of parallel sextiles linked to a set of parallel trines, tying four planets together. Two modalities and two elements will be involved, linked in positive aspect.

Introduction to INCONJUNCT/QUINCUNX aspects! — with Heather!

However, if you look more closely you can see there are also two or more Oppositions involved from each of the diagonal corners. This results in a blending of positive and negative effects that will depend on the planets and houses involved, but could also indicate a choice or decision is involved. Both choices may be positive, but mutually exclusive.

Another possibility would be that either choice will have a price that somewhat counters its benefits. For example, you may find your dream home, but the mortgage will be slightly out of your comfort range or you are given an opportunity to take a much-wanted trip but don't have enough vacation time. Perhaps you found a great deal on a 60 inch TV on Black Friday only to find out they don't stock 60 inch TV stands at the store and end up having to buy one that costs more than the TV.

A Triangle of Potential is another fairly common pattern that comprises a trine, sextile and opposition, in other words two soft aspects and one hard aspect. In this case, the planet at the apex of the trine and sextile is the key to solving the opposition. The person will experience struggles, but by utilizing the energy of the trine and sextile will be able to make them work, so to speak. In many respects the hard aspects are what motivate us. If life was always easy we'd have a lot less incentive to grow.



A Triangle of Potential will give a person just enough friction to utilize latent talents and abilities that otherwise might lie dormant. A Yod is formed by two quincunx aspects to a single planet which are joined at the base by a sextile, making it look like a pointer. The term originated with the engraved silver hand with the index finger pointing which is used in the Torah to mark where the last reading ended and the subsequent one is to take place.

It is also called the finger of God or the hand of fate. Frequently these are seen where a person has a very specific ambition in life. For example, Ted Turner's Natal Chart right shows a yod, which clearly depicts his destiny as a major broadcasting magnate. Note the base comprised of a sextile between Mercury in the 1st House Sagittarius and Mars in the 10th House Libra indicating his personal identity and community standing respectively. Sagittarius, particularly as a Fire Sign , also implies long distance travel while Mercury signifies communications of all sorts.

Mars in the 10th House, in this case Libra, shows bold ambition that are furthered by positive relationships to achieve high regard by society. The yod is nicely completed with the tip pointing to Uranus , planet of change, innovation and electronics, located in his 5th house of creativity which just happens to be Taurus, an Earth sign which often houses wealth. Interestingly enough, his wife, Jane Fonda left , also has a yod in her chart, but with entirely different implications. These point to Pluto , god of the underworld and planet of transformation, on the cusp of her 7th House of relationships, which lies in Cancer.

While some of her fame is attributable to her work as an actress and fitness guru, this yod seems to imply her controversial activities as an antiwar activist in the s. If the apex of the Yod is the Sun, it generally indicates that the person will have to make a specific choice to follow a certain path in life, leaving the others forever behind, in order to fulfill their destiny.

In this case, the apex is Pluto, implying the transformation in the public eye of many from a young actress to an unsavory, controversial and even subversive individual which would darken her image for decades to come.

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USA, Europe, Africa, etc. Its affect is a basic blending of the energies of the respective planets. When a Full Moon or New Moon conjoins with a planet it can activate aspects tied to it in the Natal, Progressed or Return Charts that were previously dormant. Its effect can be either positive or negative, depending on which planet and other existing aspects it encounters.

Meaning of the Quincunx or Inconjunct Aspects in Astrology

Square 90 o 8 o The square occurs when two planets are 90 degrees or 3 signs apart. It is considered a harsh or negative aspect, but the final outcome depends on the motivation of the person and how they handle the challenge. If handled properly, personal growth will result of a positive nature. A polarity is implied and often other people are involved.

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Yet we know in some way they are related to each other. Since each sign is 30 degrees apart we can see from the one hundred and fifty degrees, that the planets are five signs away from each other. Unlike the trine aspects, the elements are not the same and the nature of the signs are also different cardinal, fixed etc. This quincunx aspect is therefore a difficult one to deal with. It's rather like when you perform one action something related always happens at the same time yet you can't see a connection between the two events.

There is, however, a buried gift with the quincunx aspect, if you can finally get to see and understand the hidden connection between the planets involved. One could say the phrase 'opposites attract' is relevant. The planets are in such different signs and elements that in some way they hold the key to what the other planet does not have. They keep the other in check when it becomes too focused in one area. This is much like when you have an opinion, you immediately have a contrasting view that surfaces with it and in this way your understanding reaches a different level in the struggle to reconcile the two viewpoints.