Leo monthly horoscope february

Leo Monthly Horoscope February 2017

Your fiery nature prompts you to be highly active this month and you will long to explore and travel especially with friends and family. Your personal life is zesty and exciting, but you may lack focus and diligence in your professional life.

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Think of it as a seesaw, you have moved further to one end and away from the other. You are likely to become highly innovative, passionate and magnetic in the second half of the month. People sit up and listen to your ideas as you can appealingly deliver them. Your mind is a calm and stable place enabling you to fortify your life in any area you choose. On the 7th, Mercury moves into Libra and you may find yourself spending more than usual. Try to keep a tight rein on your impulses to spend on frivolous items.

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Taking the time to think, plan and reconsider will help you to make powerful and profound life changes and decisions that are in line with your values. On the 21st, Venus moves into Sagittarius which generates expansion and opportunity, especially at work.

You may be inspired to start a new venture. Leo enjoys freedom and exploration so you may find yourself becoming more open minded to new avenues of expression or ways of being.

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Thinking outside the box will appeal. Despite your fixed nature, you may be inclined to shift a few things around. On the 10th, Mars moves into Libra and your focus will be on your health and on beautifying your surroundings.

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You must keep your cool and seek advice as needed. For now, Venus and even Jupiter early next month will leave behind forces that can maintain a balance between work and play. To begin with nothing has changed.

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You still have no planetary activity on the relationship front and that will remain the case until Venus returns to your relationship sector next month. On the romantic front, while you still have Jupiter and Ceres in your romantic sector, they have been here all year and apart from continuing to pick up speed after turning direct in August it is business as usual.

However, things are about to change as you move into the end game of what has the potential to be a lucky year for love and for matters of the heart in general. Since then it has been more about the journey and as things faded into the background, there is a danger that this may have created some complacency.

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By the time the Sun returns on 23rd November to turn the solar spotlight onto matters of the heart and all things romantic, Venus and Jupiter will not only be in their final days here but just two days away from aligning. An alignment between Venus and Jupiter is considered to be some of the luckiest days of any year full stop and as they align here in your romantic sector, are some of the luckiest days for matters of the heart.

The fact that this is their second alignment this year means the planets of love and luck have an opportunity for a do over. With Mercury returning early next month and Mars in the New Year, this is a romantic legacy that will extend into the early months of There are two significant developments on the income and financial fronts this month, each at different ends of the month.

In that time the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Mars have all moved through, all creating momentum and untapped income potential that you are yet to fully exploit. While only an asteroid, as the queen of commitment Juno has stayed on to help you cement a sense of resolve and commitment to seeing things through. With things poised to take off on the job front from later this month, this is a chance to set some resolutions. In the meantime, while Juno was no longer in a position where she could put any pressure on Neptune in your financial sector, the fact that she is gone means the money gods can shift all their focus onto the financial side of the fence.


This ends a need to be mindful of a balance between money coming in and money going out, while still giving you access to untapped income potential. Your financial sector is more focused on what you do with the money you have and slowing down ahead of his direct turn on 28th November, dreamy Neptune is giving you a chance to revisit old financial dreams.

Neptune is well supported all month and while you will need to take care of the more mundane job of keeping money matters on track, his focus is on fuelling your financial confidence and imagination. You will have a chance to take a more objective look at money matters when the Moon moves through your financial sector from 6th November to 8th November.

In the meantime, moving through your income sector from 20th November to 22nd November, the Moon will ensure your nose for money is sharp when Venus returns to begin steering work and job matters in a lucrative direction, on 26th November.