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Click Here. The Jacob's Wheel astrology system is unique and innovative, and this software is a valuable tool for practicing astrologers because it offers a new comprehensive method of chart analysis based on the Jacob's Wheel system of tracking archetypal cycles and phases.

For astrological novices, this software includes some basic interpretations of the Jacob's Wheel cycles and phases. During a consultation all the cycle and phase archetypes are referred back to the client's astrological birth-chart and interpreted in light of their placement in the client's chart. Download Folder 2. The 'base metals' constitute the debased and ungoverned 'planetary archetypes', the Divine Powers, represented as the Pantheon of the gods in various cultures.

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The 'base metals' are transmuted by the redirected currents of 'fire' typified by the 'Dragon', and equilibrated in the Solar World of the Light of the Sun, also known as Aurum [Gold], which illumines them with Kabbalah, or Divine Knowledge [concerning the Stone of the Philosophers].

It is common astrological knowledge that those who are born with the Sun in Fire Signs [ Leo, Aries or Saggitarius] are more naturally inclined to command than other Signs, and also, that individuals born under other Signs usually acknowledge the Fire Signs' hierarchical command. It is also common knowledge that those whose Sun or Rising Sign is in the Element of Fire, have far fewer diseases of an infectious nature than other Signs.

This is because the vital energy is generally greater, particularly in Aries [ruled by Mars, and where the Sun is exalted] and Leo [ruled by the Sun]. The nature is inclined to nobility, Virtue, chivalry, manliness, and generosity by the very element of fire [of the Holy One], manifest in it.

There exists even further manifestation of equilibrium within the Zodiacal Light. For example: Aries ruled by Mars, is opposite Libra, ruled by Venus. The Sun is exalted in Aries, but in fall in Libra. Mars rules Aries, but is in detriment in Libra. Saturn is exalted in Libra, but is in fall in Aries, and similarly throughout the rest of the Zodiacal signs, or Mazlot in Hebrew. The same is true for the rest of the 'planetary powers'; the Night and Day Houses of the Planets alternating back and forth between the two Pillars of the Sun and Moon, [Fire and Water].

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The Jacob's Wheel Cycle/Phase Calculator

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