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Geographic Geocentric Latitude Conversion. Nakshatra Names. Sign, Star And Sub Table. Star Nakshatra Table. Wiki Help. In this example, the LST and are to be deducted by 12 hours to obtain and It is also necessary to change the sign of each cusp to the opposite side of zodiac by adding deg. For instance, Geocentric Correction In the calculation of cuspal positions, these days there is a tendency of preferring Geocentric latitude of a place of birth other than Geographic latitude assuming for better accuracy.

It is to note that the ephemeris gives the Geocentric positions of the planets i. Krishnamurti used Geographic latitude only. So it is better to mention "Geocentric Correction", if it is used, to make it clear in comparing with the commonly used Geographic cuspal positions. In using the "Geocentric Correction", the Geographic latitude of birth place given by the atlas is to be converted into the Geocentric latitude by subtracting the minute for correction given in the Table The minute for correction increases up to around 11 minutes till 45 latitude and then declines.

As 1 min roughly covers 1. This difference is not much with compared to the differences in Ayanamsa values to change the sub-lords except in the border line cases. However, the better accuracy is preferable like taking the correct suburb of birth in the case of big cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. A short article will be presented on different views on which one, Geographic or Geocentric latitude, is more accurate. In the Example Chart 2, Geographic latitude 23N is converted into Geocentric latitude 22N52 by subtracting 8min for 23deg as given in Table Based on the calculated cuspal positions for 23N in Table 4 and for 22N in Table 15, the interpolation of the cuspal positions for 22 N 52 is done as shown in Table Finding Sub and Sub-Sub Lords By using Table 19 of Subs or any table of star and sub lord finder and Table 20 of Sub-Sub in each Sub, the sign-lord, star-lord, sub-lord and sub- sub-lord for any position of planet or cusp can be found.

For example, 11th cusp position is to be found first in the Table 19, under Horary no. Find the difference between the required position and the commencing position of sub-lord Moo, ie.


Observations The Geocentric correction is open to study. Phalguni ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, U. Ashada ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, U. Bhadra ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, U. Universal Tables of Houses, by S. Tables of Houses, by K. Eshwara Manu, Hariman Publications, Page 31 Introduction 1. The SWs have also enabled the astrologers to apply more time-consuming techniques in research work.

KP Settings 2. In casting a KP chart by the computer SW, it is essential to check the following options whether they are set as default and to make changes as required. A note will be presented on Mean Node vs True Node. The application of orb, 3. By using the original base for April 15, , i. The following source and links are helpful to find the birth data and biography: astroDatabank 4. KPAstro 3. Another point is the variation in the latitude and longitude of big cities like Delhi, which is found as 28N40, 77E13 by Astrodienst, Astro-Kundli, Prashara Light 6.

go to link In such big cities, it is to take the particular locality concerned from the available sources like a few hundred localities of Delhi in KPAstro 3. The star, sub, sub-sub lords and the balance of dasa at birth are provided, and the dasa periods can be obtained by manual calculation or running the Astraura or JHora.

It is to note that the cuspal positions given by this SW are for the Geocentric latitude of birth palace by converting the Geographic latitude to Geocentric one. A comprehensive atlas and time zone finder is embedded in the full version of this SW which is free to download from the above link. Then it is to run the program again to obtain the positions as per NKPA. The accurate Sayana tropical chart with high precision of Swiss ephemeris can be calculated online by Astrodienst, which is also the most commonly used atlas query and time zone finder. The sign, star and sub lords can be found from Table 1 of Star-Lord and Sub-Lord or any such table available in the KP literature or the link given below, and the dasa can be calculated manually or by running the Astraura or J Hora for the calculated Moon position by Astrodienst.

By running this chart on J Hora for the same Moon position by adjusting the NKPA, it gives Mars Dasa Balance at birth of 0y:0md and the first circle of Vimshottari dasa ending Jan 31, , and the second circle of Vimshottari dasa ending Aug 1, is also readily available there. Out of total years in Vimshottari dasa, the shares are given 7y to Ketu, 20y to Venus, 6y to Sun, 10y to Moon, 7y to Mars, 18y to Rahu, 16y to Jupiter 16, 19y to Saturn and 17y to Mercury. The difference of 1 min in the Moon position will make a difference in the dasa period from 2.

For the dasa period longer than years, the next circle of the Vimshottari dasa is to be applied and such dasa circle is readily available in the J Hora as explained in the USA chart. The following links are helpful in calculation of dasa manually. Observation As found in the several previous comparisons of SW results, there is not much significant differences in the commonly used KP SWs to change the sub-lords or even sub-sub-lords, consequently the results of KP analysis, which is mainly based on only up to the sub-lord level, except in the border line cases where even one second can matter.

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  • The choice of KP SW depends on accuracy of cuspal and planetary positions, easiness and mobility in operation and availability of a variety of well done KP related features interested by the user. In research work, the accuracy does matter especially in the calculation of old charts more than one hundred years backward and a built-in ACS Atlas will be vary helpful. Kumara Sanjaya 1 On the basis of the Sidereal Time corresponding to the fixed position of Ascendant by the chosen Horary no, other cusps are calculated and so here is not relevant to adjust the difference in KPAs as shown under the Table 2.

    It is adjusted for 3 sec difference for Jyotishya Deepika 2. Other Sgl-Stl-Sbl-Ssl are the same. The choice of ayanamsa, out of around 30 practically available, is up to the preference of an astrologer to get the accurate predictions. There is no need to discuss the correctness of ayanamsa which may depends on the rules and techniques applied by different schools of thought.

    However, in the KP analysis it is to use the New KP Ayanamsa adopted in because of the following reasons: 1 Guruji KSK has openly recommended to use only the KP Ayanamsa to make the correct prediction by the KP rules, and given the ayanamsa values for the year to in degree and minute only. This Old KP Ayanamsa was presumed to be constant for the entire calendar year.

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    Not the formula but two basic figures, i. Balachandran for calculating the ayanamsa correct to seconds for any date in any calendar year, using the two figures given by Guruji KSK. In fact, while the controversy of the correct ayanamsa was going on, the Lahiri Ayanamsa was adopted in the UTOH, though not so stated. In the above formula in equation 1 , the base year assumed by Guruji KSK is used but one more year than , i.

    Subramaniam Sublord Speaks just would not change his view on those two figures. The Straight Line ayanamsa values by the above two straight line formulas in equation 1 and 2 and KPAstro 3. The small difference in ayanamsa used by various KP astrologers need not bother a beginner unduly. Generally a slight change in the ayanamsa value does not change the important elements of KP, i. A beginner should go to the essentials, rather than worry about the technicalities of ayanamsa. In a KP chart, Fortuna is usually included by deriving from the calculated positions of Ascendant, Sun and Moon in the birth chart according to the following formula which is the same for day-born or nightborn.

    Fortuna deserves serious attention, as it indicates certain results which are not so clearly shown by the aspects formed by the transiting planets to those in the natal chart. One should not omit to include Fortuna while erecting a chart and offering the prediction. Fortuna improves the matters signified by the house in which it is located in the chart. Krishnamurti Padhdhati, Original Vol I, page Fortuna is supposed to give fortune to the native during the conjoined dasa period of its star lord and sub lord. Day time is different in Hindu day and calendar day. Since the Fortuna is in 11th house of the attached chart, and in the star and sub of Rahu, the native is supposed to be fortunate in matters of 11th house and to get fortune during Rahu-Rahu Dasa-Bhukti.

    Cusp and House The beginning degree of each house is called cusp. A house begins from the concerned cusp and ends at the next cusp.

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    The cuspal degrees are like boundaries of the house. The 1st cusp or Asc is in Tarus and so the Tarus sign lord Venus is the lord of the Asc or 1st house. Since the 2nd and 3rd cusps falls in Gemini, the lord of 2nd and 3rd houses is the Gemini sign lord Mercury, and similarly the lord of 4th and 5th houses is Moon, sign lord of Cancer and so on. However, Saturn is lord of 10th and 11th houses as these 2 cusps fall in Capricorn owned by Saturn, and Venus is Asc lord and Mars is lord of 7th house. As shown above, the dimension of each house is different in the KP Placidus houses. The 1st and opposite 7th cusps are the same in all house systems Placidus, Equal, Koch etc , and in addition the 4th and opposite 10th cusps are the same in Placidus and Koch house systems.

    The location of planets can be different depending on the house system used, for instance, in the attached example chart, Moon is in 10th of Placidus and Koch houses and 9th of Equal houses, and Saturn is in 6th of Placidus houses and 5th of Koch and Equal houses. Location of Planets in Houses Aspects The Hindu aspects are applied counting from sign to sign.