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Scorpio Daily Horoscope for Today and Lovescopes. Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for Today with Love. They sought to enforce the Emancipation Proclamation and to establish representation through voter registration and congressional and municipal elections.


It was in reaction to this military occupation of the South and what was required of Confederate states during Reconstruction that violent white supremacy took hold of of the South. A somewhat dormant Ku Klux Klan terrorized Black families in their homes and at the ballot box. Lynchings became a common form of violence against Black citizens by white citizens and the police and governemtns in the south.

Black Codes made law of policies meant to create a permanent caste system with whites at the top and blacks at the bottom. It disenfranchised Black people in every aspect of life. The astrology of is absolutely critical to events and narratives of not only , but also Self-determination means an identity imagined free from the gaze of others, liberated from the prison of perception, reasoned outside the parameters of personal bias and judgement. This is the challenge of the coming years. Who are we as a nation? Must we believe in race and the power dynamics that claim to be inherent to its existence?

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What is America without whiteness? The next phase of MutableMadness is the Virgo phase. The reality is that any and everything is up for interpretation. The story you tell about the data says everything about you and absolutely nothing about the data or the evidence it purports. There is no such thing as an unbiased hypothesis. The intention behind a question is the basis for interpreting the data. So, why was that particular question asked? All year the underlying question has been: What stories about who you are keep you from perceiving truth?

Truth is what you can verify with your perception and judgment. Identity is a myth, a story you tell about who you are. You measure all your experiences against this myth. Your choice is to reject experiences that challenge that myth, defending your identity, or, to consider and integrate those experiences. When you take on the task of integrating experiences that challenge the myth of your identity, it threatens your sanity. Defensiveness is the easiest reaction. Your moral compass is rooted in that myth.

Integrity is the inner [moral] compass that guides us towards righteous action. The next eclipse is a BIG one.

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December 26, This is rare! That eclipse takes all of our Saturn in Sagittarius work since January and makes it plain.

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It sets us on a path into the next chapter. The myth that says that we have it better than any humans in the history of humanity. Because our identity is rooted in this story, we refuse to acknowledge the consequences of our daily choices on the climate and the economy. Since when do you need permission to save your own life?

When did you taking action to save your own life require that your politicians first be righteous? The next two phases of MutableMadness are all about truth, integrity, and defense of identity. Are you ready to perceive the truth of who you are? The fiery contagion of conviction can consume you in a fight of defending an identity that is killing you.

Or, it can compel you to face the truth of who you are, purging the dissonance between what you profess and what you live. How We Got Here During the Cancer stellium peaked in late July you were seeking people, places, and experiences that would meet your immediate needs for food, safety, shelter, and belonging. Submission Yielding the authority of your will and the validity of your perceptions and judgments to someone else. Projection Your identity and sense of self witnessed via interaction with other people, and through your experiences out in the world.

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Self-Determination Unyoking your identity and sense of self from your perceptions and judgments of others and the world you inhabit. Horoscopes for the 12 Sidereal Sun Signs Use this guide to cast your sidereal birth chart. Sun in Cancer Your perceptions serve your physical body and the need to belong to a place and a people. Sun in Leo Your intellect serves your perceptions.

Sun in Virgo Your trust in your perceptions serves a drive to quantify it via evidence in the external world. Sun in Libra Your perceptions serve the drive to be rational and reasonable. Sun in Scorpio Your survival instinct shapes your perceptions of others and the world around you. Sun in Sagittarius Your perceptions and sense of self serve a moral or religious authority.

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Sun in Capricorn You seek to conform your perceptions to the limitations you experience in your life. Zodiac Signs. Zodiac signs compatibility. Free compatibility horoscope.

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